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The Illustration Friday word of the week is “giant.”

It’s been a while since I participated in Illustration Friday’s weekly challenge, but this image seemed just about perfect for this week’s fun prompt. (If you’ve got a good memory, you’ll remember that I used this image for another post a long while back.)

Isn’t it curious that we have so many adjectives in our language that describe the relative ‘size’ of things? In our human hard wiring, SIZE must matter! I mean, consider the need for precision in relating the relative threat to our ancestors of, say, a pterodactyl vs a mere turkey vulture…

Of course, a giant (as a noun usage of the word) can also be a creature unto itself, as so many myths and fairy tales can attest.  🙂

“In-Danger Species Meets King Kong” (pen & ink — sorry, no prints currently available of this one…but do visit The Print Collection gallery on my website for other curious images: www.susansorrellhill.com)

Truly, it is almost here!!
The first-ever HOLIDAY SALE is about to start in my Etsy shop —
All original art 20% off
November 10 ~ December 10 
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Holiday Sale ~

I will be hosting my first ever shop-wide Etsy Holiday Sale beginning next week: 20% off all original art  from November 10th through December 10th. Enter the code at checkout for this special discount. Visit the shop here.  ♡  (Note: this SALE will be happening in my Etsy shop, not on my primary website.)



Happy Halloween!

‘Tis the season!! In my book, holidays don’t get any better, even if only from the sidelines or in fond remembrances… Happy Halloween, my friends!!  🎃

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t been posting on this blog much lately, but you can see what I’ve been up to more frequently if you follow on Instagram or Facebook, or sign up for (admittedly infrequent) Newsletters over at www.susansorrellhill.com.


“Fright Night” poster (pen & ink, 1983) for Nevada City’s local radio station, KVMR, and their annual costume dance bash. That was the year I went as a space vampire.

“Night Visitor” (pen & ink, 1983) just for fun if I remember correctly…but it could have been a KVMR poster. The memory does fades a bit…

And lastly,“Frankenstein” This happy fellow was drawn (pen & ink, 1993) for a local hospital’s advertisement for their plastic surgery department. He’d turn over in his grave if he knew that…









Sorry to all of you Prince fans out there: that title reads “Prints.”

As in: museum-quality, gorgeous, collectible prints of my watercolors, oils and works on paper — all with that surreal, fairy tale flavor. There is also the user-friendly option to pick out mat and framing and have the art, ready to hang, shipped right to your door. What could be more delicious?

Are there original watercolors available there too? But of course!

Stop by for an art browse while you’re waiting for that bagel and latte? My art will even be there in the middle the night, ever ready to inspire, delight and entertain.  And please spread the news, thank you!   ♡


1/10/17 Update: Yes, it’s true…prints were gone for a while, but now they’re back! (And there’s a nifty and beautiful new website to go with them…)


For all of you Art fans and Supporters of Artists…

I’ve just made my pledge to this VERY WORTHY PROJECT, and hope that you too will be inspired to become involved with the Kickstarter funding for Katherine Dunn‘s latest extraordinary book. Click on the link below to watch her professionally-produced and VERY charming video about the project, with images of Katherine’s wonderful art that will also become part of this book. (Sorry the ukulele music won’t be in the book!) I own two other Katherine Dunn books, and they will soon be dog-eared (or is that donkey-eared?) from the pleasurable times I’ve spend with them. Highly Recommended!!! Please pledge to this project if you can…you will be delighted with her art and her unique and wise reflections on Life.

Don’t delay, the Kickstarter clock is ticking…ticking…ticking… Find this project’s feature page and the video here: http://kck.st/2dBkAFF This project’s funding window will close November 3, 2016.

Go Itty!

🎄🎄Christmas shopping early? — this book would make excellent gifts, especially for animal and art lovers. (But since full-color illustrated projects always take a while to print and assemble, these beautiful books won’t be delivered until next Summer. Ahh, but such sweet anticipation!).

"Encounter with the Wolf" © Susan Sorrell Hill

“Encounter with the Wolf” © Susan Sorrell Hill

In honor of International Day of the Girl, the Artspan blog is featuring a wonderful selection of female images for their most recent collection of Artspan artists’ work here. “Encounter with the Wolf” (watercolor, pen & ink) is included. Thanks, Claire!


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