“The Bunny Print” © Susan Sorrell Hill

The Illustration Friday word of the week is “home.”

The rainy season here in Northern California is something to be grateful for, as it brings the end of the fire season and a very welcome return of the color “green” to the landscape’s palette. One does get tired of brown and dry. I can almost hear the trees breathing sighs of relief because this year’s long hot summer has been particularly dry and worrisome. I hunker down indoors, along with the wildlife in their own homes, as we wait out Mother Nature’s watering cycle…

SusanSorrellHill“The Bunny Print”   (hand-pulled intaglio print)    Another gem from the dusty archives, this one circa 1980. Museum-quality prints are available here.

© Susan Sorrell Hill

© Susan Sorrell Hill

More Holiday wishes…


SusanH“Untitled”    (pen & ink, colored inks)

More illustration from the archives, this one done as a holiday promotion for a print shop, circa 1985.

‘Tis the Season!

© Susan Sorrell Hill

© Susan Sorrell Hill

Happy Holidays, dear readers!

SusanH“The Twelve Days of Christmas”   (pen & ink)

Another one of my vintage graphic designs, circa 1985…a poster border for a musical event, if memory serves.

IMG_1004The Illustration Friday word of the week is “sea.”

“Untitled”   (gouache)

A textile design from my archives, circa 1990.  Picture this: me trudging with very large and unwieldy pre-digital age portfolio…down sky-scrapered New York streets and up endless flights of stairs during my brief stint as a designer. The things we do for art.SusanSorrellHill

“Untitled” c. Susan Sorrell Hill

Watercolor is the Queen of Fluidity.

She presents herself in many guises and can be used in almost infinite ways: tight, loose, transparent, opaque, detailed or glorious washy expanse. When an artist makes a commitment to watercolor, she is really in for it, because watercolor, by her nature, is not totally controllable. Not like oil or acrylic. Sometimes she (the painter) Continue Reading »


The artist Katherine Dunn & her Apifera Farm: "where art and animals collide" © Katherine Dunn

The artist Katherine Dunn & her Apifera Farm: “where art and animals collide” © Katherine Dunn

Have you heard about the Around the World Blog Hop? It’s bloggers taking turns writing about their creative work, and then inviting other artists or writers, whom they admire, to participate. Who knows where it all began? But it’s a way for us creatives who blog to introduce ourselves to an audience who might not be aware of our work…a way to share our blog readers. From each post (this one, for example), you’ll be able to follow the Blog Hop backwards or forwards. I invite you to take a creative stroll… Continue Reading »

"Flying House" c. Susan Sorrell Hill

“Flying House” c. Susan Sorrell Hill

The Illustration Friday word of the week is light.

Monks and mystics have always known that to remain connected to one’s own deep spirit, it is frequently necessary to fly away, disconnect, step-back and go inward. Continue Reading »

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