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For all of you Art fans and Supporters of Artists…

I’ve just made my pledge to this VERY WORTHY PROJECT, and hope that you too will be inspired to become involved with the Kickstarter funding for Katherine Dunn‘s latest extraordinary book. Click on the link below to watch her professionally-produced and VERY charming video about the project, with images of Katherine’s wonderful art that will also become part of this book. (Sorry the ukulele music won’t be in the book!) I own two other Katherine Dunn books, and they will soon be dog-eared (or is that donkey-eared?) from the pleasurable times I’ve spend with them. Highly Recommended!!! Please pledge to this project if you can…you will be delighted with her art and her unique and wise reflections on Life.

Don’t delay, the Kickstarter clock is ticking…ticking…ticking… Find this project’s feature page and the video here: http://kck.st/2dBkAFF This project’s funding window will close November 3, 2016.

Go Itty!

🎄🎄Christmas shopping early? — this book would make excellent gifts, especially for animal and art lovers. (But since full-color illustrated projects always take a while to print and assemble, these beautiful books won’t be delivered until next Summer. Ahh, but such sweet anticipation!).


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c. Susan Sorrell Hill

The Illustration Friday word of the week is detective.

The English homeopath, Dr. James Compton Burnett (born?-1900) relied upon imagination as the intuitive source of his healing ability. At the time of his death, he had one of the most extensive and successful practices in Victorian London. Burnett’s close friend, Dr. John Henry Clarke (Constitutional Diseases) refered to this facility, and quoted Barnett:

“I don’t look where you look; I let my imaginations play about the case.”

Burnett’s imaginative ability gave him the therapeutic insight that others lacked. This bit of healing history is gratefully borrowed from Mathew Wood’s Seven Herbs: Plants as Teachers, where he writes that “Imagination is the vehicle through which the natural world communicates to us.”

It is, of course, through this same imagination that an artist accesses her own imagery, tapping into a deeper realm for the perfect solution to a creative problem. (Carl Jung grandly referred to this realm as the Unconscious, an aspect of the Mystery.)

Art-making (like healing) is a form of detective work… A patient gathering of clues, possibilities, and observations, a fair amount of leg-work, a gentle simmering and contemplating, an openness to outcome and… voila! a new image is born. (Often preceded by more than a bit of blood, sweat and tears… plenty of which are found in the detective work in those English mystery serials I have come to love…)

“Healing the Hydra (watercolor, gouache)

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