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c. Susan Sorrell Hill


The Illustration Friday word of the week is spooky.

In this season of costumes and masks, we all love to play at the game of hiding, and headless horsemen and ghosts are great fun. But I am not so enthusiastic about playing the Invisible Man in real life.  I feel it happening when someone disappears completely into a mental story. (No, not of the fairytale variety, but maybe related?) I become the invisible audience, and the smoke screen of their words makes them invisible as well. Voila!

Being Here Now can be such hard work, so perhaps humans need a little Time Out, or a visit to Free Parking occasionally. I can understand that. But I miss the real connection… and I think both of us will go away feeling a little more empty.


c. Susan Sorrell Hill


And for my down-to-earth friends who are whimpering in the background from the heavy effects of these metaphysical ramblings… a more palatable spooky creature, courtesy of fictional Transylvania.


“Sunset Over Myself” (oil on canvas)

“Dracula Sketch” (watercolor, pencil)


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c. Susan Sorrell Hill

The Illustration Friday word of the week is breakfast.

My father was an avid carnivore. His perfect day consisted of meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner… and preferably, lots of it. My mother, in her Golden Years, favors a little bit of meat and a lot of chocolate, not necessarily in that order. I, on the other hand, have settled into a routine of Green Smoothies for breakfast every morning. (Perhaps it has something to do with being the family Black Sheep?)

For those of you scratching heads out there, a Green Smoothie is a blended drink consisting of the fruit(s) of your choice (bananas, berries, apples, dates, mangos, papaya, melon, etc.) with the green(s) of your choice (kale, spinach, chard, parsley, lettuce, celery, etc.). I know it sounds strange, and you probably grew up thinking that fruits and vegetables don’t mix, but recent research by Victoria Boutenko and others concludes that greens are a separate category (not vegetables, per se)… and that they combine very well with fruit, both taste-wise and nutrition-wise.

Note: this is not a commercial… just a reasonable response to the IF word: breakfast…

If you are at all inclined to experimenting or getting healthier, Green Smoothies are an easy way to incorporate more chlorophyl and minerals into your diet… and they taste delicious! They will even keep in the refrigerator for more than a day. Victoria’s excellent new book, Green Smoothie Revolution: A Radical Leap Towards Natural Health has several hundred blended smoothie recipes (although you’ll probably be inventing your own favorites in no time) and a good overview of her research and her family’s experiences.

I still crave leisurely breakfasts of coffee, toast, potatoes and omelets sometimes, and I do hope to enjoy of few more of those in my life… it’s mostly the ritual of the experience, I suspect… but Green Smoothies have turned out to be an excellent way to start my day: not too heavy, not too light, satisfying and energizing to get me through until lunch… which has sometimes also been a Green Smoothie.

Ok, so now I’ve come out of the closet: not only am I an artist who loves fairy tales… I am a California health-food type girl. Mostly my approach to food is not dogmatic so much as practical… what works for my body, what keeps me going without bogging me down, what is the least processed and closest to its natural form… and can I get it organic too? Perhaps it does sound a bit fanatical, but in practice, I have become much more calm and focused… and how can that be a bad thing??

Here’s our basic Green Smoothie recipe: 2-3 bananas, 2-3 dates (pitted), 1 apple, 1 large handfull of dino kale or baby spinach and water or cold herb tea. Blend the fruits a bit first with some liquid, add more liquid and then the greens. Blend everything until it’s pretty smooth. Don’t add supplements, powders or other juices: you won’t miss them. Enjoy!!

Oh, and if you try one for the first time… let me know what you think! (And please forgive this week’s diversion from weightier philosophical and artistic matters…)

For all you ‘foodies’ out there, Wikipedia has a very in-depth and fascinating look at breakfasts all over the world. Read it here.

“Vintage Dracula”  (pen and ink)

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