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c. Susan Sorrell Hill

Recently, I was gifted with a new (to me), very fancy drawing table, and I splurged on a new drafting chair to go with it. Both are gorgeous…fine wood, beautiful design, excellent craftsmanship and high functionality. I was delighted, and couldn’t have asked for nicer studio furniture. My little “droid,” a small set of wooden drawers which hold some of my painting supplies, and my file cabinet fit neatly under the table. Perfect!

The table and chair sit squarely in the middle of my eleven-by-eleven foot studio. They definitely Take Up Their Space. And the longer I own them, the more certain I am: that table and that chair are secretly in collusion with identical purpose: to keep me firmly on the non-productive sidelines, preoccupied with admiring their Beauty and not daring to think that I could paint anything half so worthy of Their Perfection. I felt their effect immediately. How could they have become such fast friends and cohorts so quickly? I asked myself.

If you don’t see the connection between the art I’ve posted this week, and my sad story about the new residents (and their antics) in my studio, all I can say is, “Maybe you’ve never been visited by the dreaded Artist Block…” Lucky you.

“Untitled” (snowstorm scene from my unpublished book, The Emperor’s Pear Tree.)   watercolor, pen & ink, gouache

The Dastardly Duo

On an entirely different note…

In imitation of bloggers I admire, like Holly Ward Bimba over at Golly Bard and Julie Danielson over at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Why Stop at Six?, and to preserve some sanity in my ever-more-busy blogosphere, I’ve decided to begin answering my lovely commenters here on the blog, instead of in private emails. Of course, If you ask me very personal questions or want very personal answers, I will still continue to reply in an email if you’ve linked your address to the comment form. Thanks for understanding…and for leaving such lovely comments!

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