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The artist Katherine Dunn & her Apifera Farm: "where art and animals collide" © Katherine Dunn

The artist Katherine Dunn & her Apifera Farm: “where art and animals collide” © Katherine Dunn

Have you heard about the Around the World Blog Hop? It’s bloggers taking turns writing about their creative work, and then inviting other artists or writers, whom they admire, to participate. Who knows where it all began? But it’s a way for us creatives who blog to introduce ourselves to an audience who might not be aware of our work…a way to share our blog readers. From each post (this one, for example), you’ll be able to follow the Blog Hop backwards or forwards. I invite you to take a creative stroll… (more…)

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c. Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Why Stop at Six?
Original drawing by Sir John Tenniel for Louis Carroll’s classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

This week, I’m seriously honored to be featured over at Julie Danielson’s wonderful blog about children’s books, Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Why Stop at Six?

Read the feature here…and while you’re at it, browse around a bit too. I think you’ll be thrilled to find so many interviews and features of both published and aspiring illustrators. Her writing style will make you feel like you’ve just had tea and cookies with your best friend, and I bet you’ll immediately become of fan. (Of the blog! But you might like my art too. Tee hee.)

Says Julie (aka Jules) about her delightful blog…

All you really need to know: This blog, dubbed “7-Imp” by the rest of the blogosphere, was co-founded in 2006 by two folks, Eisha and Jules. As of 2009, Jules is officially blogging solo. I’m a librarian. I love to read. I need books like I need air and water. And when I post about a children’s book, I pledge to go beyond the word “cute” to describe it.

Like John Tenniel’s work? See all of his original drawings for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland here.

SusanHAnd lastly, see my new Alice in Wonderland painting, “Mad Tea Party”, which soon become one of the permanent mastheads on the Seven Impossible Things blog. See her post about it here.

"Mad Tea Party" c. Susan Sorrell Hill

“Mad Tea Party” c. Susan Sorrell Hill

**Update 8/26/13**  See the new Seven Impossible Things masthead featuring my “Mad Tea Partyhere.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Susanna Meir, over at Trade Your Talent, has kindly posted a blog interview with me today.

Based in Berlin, Germany, Susanna writes,

“Trade Your Talent is a blog about everything that shows how inspired young artists are, whether it is design, art, music or acting. Many young artists often decide not to pursue a career in art, but in this blog I want to show how many artists successfully pursued their dream. Maybe one day it will become a network for artists, who will inspire each other globally.”

You can read it here:  http://tradeyourtalent.blogspot.com/

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