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Sorry to all of you Prince fans out there: that title reads “Prints.”

As in: museum-quality, gorgeous, collectible prints of my watercolors, oils and works on paper — all with that surreal, fairy tale flavor. There is also the user-friendly option to pick out mat and framing and have the art, ready to hang, shipped right to your door. What could be more delicious?

Are there original watercolors available there too? But of course!

Stop by for an art browse while you’re waiting for that bagel and latte? My art will even be there in the middle the night, ever ready to inspire, delight and entertain.  And please spread the news, thank you!   ♡


1/10/17 Update: Yes, it’s true…prints were gone for a while, but now they’re back! (And there’s a nifty and beautiful new website to go with them…)

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"Dancing with the Devil"

“Dancing with the Devil”

There’s a new ZOOM feature in the Galleries at www.susansorrellhill.artspan.com  Click on the small blue cross in the top right-hand corner on any Gallery image to see big, beautiful art, “up close and personal.” Thanks for visiting!   (detail) “Dancing with the Devil”    (pen & ink)   See the entire image in the Works on Paper Gallery.

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For all my Etsy fans…the Etsy shop of Susan Sorrell Hill (alias Aunt Soup) has just re-opened. You’ll find a veritable plethora of original watercolors with that surreal, fairytale flavor here.

Thanks for stopping by…those visitor numbers are always very encouraging in my Stats counter!


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susansorrellhill.artspan.comIt’s a picture-perfect Fall here in Northern California, but I’ve not been experiencing nearly enough of it.  I’ve been engrossed (ok, obsessed) with the launching of a viable online print venue. You might have read my recent post about the new Imagkind.com launch? (That post is deleted now.) On second thought, and third thought, and in the middle-of-the-night thoughts, I finally decided to go with Artspan.com for my online print sales. (You’ll find some originals here too.)

Today, I’m launching that site. It’s a classy feature of my work in watercolors, oils, and pencil which also comes with the ability to offer prints-on-demand and optional frames. It also has a shopping cart for the purchase of original works. Stop by and tell me what you think? And if, as an artist, you’ve had any experiences-pros or cons-with Artspan over the years, I’d love to hear about it. (And if they’re the sort of comments you’d rather not post here, I’d be grateful to hear them via the email link at the bottom of my website’s Contact page — here.) Thanks!

I’ll still keep my Etsy shop (original watercolors and works on papers) for the time being, and I’ll be comparing the activity and traffic of these two sites over the holiday season. Egad…the holidays are almost upon us..does anyone smell turkey roasting…or stuffing…or pumpkin pie? Can you tell that Thanksgiving serves up my favorite food?

Ok, now to get out into Nature.

Fall 2014 Update: The Artspan shop is closed (sorry folks, no prints) but the Etsy shop is still open for originals. Thanks for visiting!

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c. 2005 Susan Sorrell Hill

Yes… it really could be New Year’s Day!

Although there are numerous theories for the origin of April Fool’s Day, my personal favorite is the one which says that before the adoption of the Gregorian (modern) calendar, April 1st marked the beginning of the new year. Those who still celebrated on this day (according to the previous Julian calendar) were unkindly referred to as ‘April Fools.’ Humans and their traditions were much more nature-oriented back then… and indeed, it does seem more natural that a new year would officially ‘begin’ in Spring. But then, maybe we all need a reason to celebrate and look forward while still in the grips of a dark, cold and long winter…

(I myself am the lucky recipient of an April Fool’s Day birthday and therefore am entitled to celebrate the New Year twice as joyfully.)

“Leap” (oil on canvas)

Don’t forget to celebrate April Fool’s Day in your own unique fashion!

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