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c. Susan Sorrell Hill

Eating crow, according to those smart folks at Wikipedia, is

“an American colloquial idiom, meaning humiliation by admitting wrongness or having been proved wrong after taking a strong position. Crow is presumably foul-tasting in the same way that being proved wrong might be emotionally hard to swallow.”

Yep, eating crow might be what’s called for today, at least in part.

You may have read the post, Adios, Facebook! back in April? Balancing the Social Media side of keeping an artist’s career ticking along with actually making art was getting me down. I needed a break and/or a new approach.

If you blog or use services like Google Analytics, you’ll be familiar with Stats, those facts and figures pages that report from whence comes one’s Site Traffic. A quick glance is usually the limit of my involvement with this information-rich stream, but I noticed a sharp and disturbing drop-off in visitors after my exit from the Facebook realm. Was the whole world only reading Facebook for their News now? Since I currently don’t rely upon such in-person venues as shows, galleries or open studios to help collectors find me, it seemed that I still needed an effective and low-maintenance way to drop those breadcrumb trails to my work. Preferably before I did a Vincent Van Gogh. (“…successful only after he died.”)

Enter to the scene, my recent launch of an Artspan.com website (here) with the capability of offering museum-quality prints-on-demand and framing, and also the very nifty ability to have a mini-gallery within one’s Facebook Page—-Page being the operative word here. I’d been overwhelmed with my Facebook Profile news feed, and never realized that now (as of 2011, I believe) an artist can have a Facebook Page for her fans, and (if I’m understanding correctly) bypass all of that other stuff that shows up on a regular Facebook personal Profile page. And so the title of this post: Facebook, revisited. Turns out, everything can now be efficiently connected directly to a Facebook Page: blogs, Etsy, Artspan sites, websites, you name it. (Don’t think about the implications of that, Mr. Orwell.) If one can resist the addictive nature of that world, Facebook is still–caw,caw–the best solution.

Fall 2014 Update: Double crow-eating here, folks…My Artspan shop is now closed…but my Facebook Page is still active.

Ahem. Ahh, crow is…delicious!

So, without further ado, I invite you to Like my Facebook Page, Susan Sorrell Hill’s Art. I promise to only post note-worthy news, and not in an overwhelming amount. If you’re feeling particularly inspired or kind-hearted, please spread the word.

Oh, and if you’ve read that Adios, Facebook! post today or previously, you’ll have noticed that I did promise to make this blog more interesting. I’m still working on that and I haven’t forgotten…thank you for your patience!

“Alchemy” (detail)   (oil on board)

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Dear friends, fans, collectors and fellow artists…

c. Susan Sorrell Hill

c. Susan Sorrell Hill

In favor of spending a lot more quality time in the studio, I’ve decided to close down my Facebook page and several other Social Media sites at the end of this month. This WordPress blog will change a bit too—and for the better! You’ll see more posts about works-in-progress, and about the inspirations and musings behind the paintings. I’ll also be letting readers know when there’s new work for sale in the Etsy shop.

If you’d like to stay abreast of any of those happenings, I invite you to follow along via the RSS feed button (in the right sidebar) to receive blog post updates in your email box.

To all of you who have visited me here and on Facebook (and especially to my current blog and Facebook followers), I thank you for your many comments and generous encouragement over the last several years. I look forward to more years of making, sharing and talking about creativity and Life with you!

In the meantime, I’d like to put this little quote out there as food for thought, relative to Marketing and the Social Media frenzy:

If you sit in the Silence, wherever it is your own will come to you. Sit right down in the middle of the woods and let them beat a pathway to your door, for what God sees in secret is rewarded openly. The state of consciousness that you are is made manifest.             Joel S. Goldsmith

“Untitled”  from my as-yet unpublished children’s book, “The Emperor’s Pear Tree”   (watercolor, gouache, pen & ink)

SusanSorrellHill 9/2014 update: Alas for my anti-social and anti-tech tendencies, the observation of traffic statistics in my shop and websites indicated that Facebook was a major source of visitors and a good way to disseminate news about my art. So, reluctantly, I  reinstated my Facebook presence. Aside from this blog, following me at Susan Sorrell Hill’s Art on Facebook will keep you abreast of what’s happening in my little neck of the art world. (I’m still spending more time in the studio and less time doing Social Media chores…and leaning even more on Joel S. Goldsmith’s advice above). Life is a work-in-progress, is it not? Thanks for stopping by!

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