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c. Susan Sorrell Hill

The Illustration Friday word of the week is duet.

It seems that Spring has finally arrived here in Northern California. After an unusually wet, stormy and snowy Winter, the ground is dry enough to clear away fallen trees and branches, daffodils along the freeway are blooming, hills are covered with soft green fuzz, and the blue jays have returned to our neighborhood.

It is also Mating Season for much of the natural world. Tiny green frogs are announcing their availability with unbelievably large croaks (relative to their body size), cats will soon be singing (or yowling) duets with other cats for the right to make kittens, red newts are searching (excruciatingly slowly) between rocks for their perfect newt-mate, and soon those blue jays will return (we hope) to rebuild their nest on our porch for another batch of fuzzy jay-lets.

It is this time of the year…as predictable as clockwork but so difficult to remember in the dead of Winter…that renews my faith in the Cycle of Life. Everything in Nature seems to be building up for the Ta-Da of blooming, birth or fruiting…and we humans are the lucky recipients and observers of all of this bounty. Clearly, there is a force operating that is way beyond and above the petty, disastrous and unconscious activities of us humans…and I am reminded of this so gently and beautifully at this time of year, that I can’t help but take it in and feel the green sweetness of Hope.

May you feel it too…it’s been a rough few months for many, many of us on planet Earth.

“Yowlers” (acrylic on board)

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c. 2005 Susan Sorrell Hill

Yes… it really could be New Year’s Day!

Although there are numerous theories for the origin of April Fool’s Day, my personal favorite is the one which says that before the adoption of the Gregorian (modern) calendar, April 1st marked the beginning of the new year. Those who still celebrated on this day (according to the previous Julian calendar) were unkindly referred to as ‘April Fools.’ Humans and their traditions were much more nature-oriented back then… and indeed, it does seem more natural that a new year would officially ‘begin’ in Spring. But then, maybe we all need a reason to celebrate and look forward while still in the grips of a dark, cold and long winter…

(I myself am the lucky recipient of an April Fool’s Day birthday and therefore am entitled to celebrate the New Year twice as joyfully.)

“Leap” (oil on canvas)

Don’t forget to celebrate April Fool’s Day in your own unique fashion!

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