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Susanna Maier from Berlin, Germany has given me a “Sunshine Award“. Thanks so much Susanna! Visit her great site for art lovers at Trade Your Talent.

Susanna is also currently working on a fundraiser to provide scholarships for young mothers and underprivileged girls to attend secondary schools in Ifakara, Tanzania. For information about how you can participate, as an artist or as an art collector, visit here. (Five of my own small watercolor originals will be auctioned too.) Hurry…the fundraiser is scheduled for August 10th.

Here’s the ‘fine print’ for receiving a Sunshine Award:
– Thank the person who gave you this award. (You are an amazing inspiration, Susanna!)
– Write a post about it. (Yes, you are reading this now…)
– Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know. Yes, I know these are the rules, but as with the Stylish Blogger Award, which I received a while back, there is so much work involved, that I am instead directing all of you lovely readers to my Links of Interest list on the lower right hand side of my blog. Any and all of these bloggers and web-siters certainly deserve The Sunshine Award 2011 too! 

– And finally, answer these questions:

1. Your favorite color? Blue Violet and Teal Green, tied. Sorry, can’t split them up.

2. Your favorite animal? Cats, of course.

3. Your favorite number? Silly question. But I am a ‘5’ in numerology and Angeles Arrien’s Tarot system.

4. Your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Twig tea. Yep, I’m addicted.

5. Have you joined facebook or twitter? Facebook.

6. What’s your passion? Color!!! I also love to read, and am obsessively curious about “what makes people tick?” All good illustrator traits, so I’m told.

7. What’s your favorite: getting or giving presents? Giving, definitely. I love to find the perfect gift, wrap and bow it, and watch the happy (usually) expression on someone’s face when they get that ‘something wonderful.’ Getting presents can be very awkward indeed!

8. Your favorite pattern? Tiny dots. But when I was an avid sewer, I adored *Vogue* Designer Patterns. Not the same thing, I know…

9. Your favorite day of the week? Friday night…it’s “Free Parking” time.

10. Your favorite flower? Really…how can one choose? Roses that smell, especially the tiny Cecil Brueners, Freesias, Lavender, Lilac, Japanese Eggplant and Pumpkin blossoms…

That’s it. Between the Stylish Blogger Award post and this one, you now know all the important stuff about me! Scary.

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite re-imagined book cover at the Undercover Cover Art site…maybe “The Girl with Silver Hands?” Thanks so much for your vote!

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Thanks, friends!

A while back, several generous friends blessed me with the Stylish Blogger Award, in appreciation of my blog’s images and words. Part of the requirements for this award are to share seven things about myself (read them here), and then to pass the Award on to ten other great bloggers.

It’s a bit of work, to be honest! And so, in appreciation of that fact, I would like to direct my reader’s attention to all of the very stylish blogs and websites that I have posted in my Links sidebar, where you may peruse them at your leisure, and the bloggers and webbers (?) themselves have no obligation to post, pass on or otherwise respond to my appreciation of them. It’s a win-win situation!! (Note: if you find a link to your site here, and would like to link back to my site, it would be much appreciated…)

I would also like to take this opportunity to share a new exhibition opportunity that one of the hard-working bloggers on my list is promoting right now. (You may remember that Susanna at Trade Your Talent interviewed me a few weeks back here.) Visit Trade Your Talent to view the exhibition information…it’s worth checking out if you’d like a chance to have your work seen by an international audience.

Blog Exhibition Spring 2011—at TradeYourTalent

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Thanks, friends!

Recently, a number of friends passed on the Stylish Blogger Award to yours truly and this blog. Thank you, dear friends: Chea (www.VenusDoesMars.com), Bjorg Nina (viltogvakkert.blogspot.com), Roberto (oloratrementina.blogspot.com), and Linda (lindahensley.blogspot.com/). I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone…?

In order to accept this award there are rules which I will post here:

*Thank and link to the person who awarded you this award.

*Share 7 things about yourself.

*Award 10 recently-discovered great bloggers.

*Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Because so many of my favorite blogs have already been awarded, I will have to give some thought to who I’ll pass it on to in turn. In the meantime, here are:

7 Things About Myself

1. My very favorite breakfast (I am long overdue for this) is lots of sourdough toast with loads of butter, and very hot twig tea. Decaf works too.

2. I work all day in my studio wearing slippers…so cosy!

3. I named my first cat Max. He finally ran away and was adopted by a neighbor after one-too-many residence changes on my part.

4. My favorite movie ‘time-outs’ are romantic comedies (chick flicks), and French Kiss tops the list, followed by You’ve Got Mail. (Not highbrow, I know, but they leave me with a nice, if short-lived illusion that all is well in the world.)

5. “Sorrell” was my Mom’s maiden name. I added it to the middle of Susan Hill to distinguish myself from all the other ones out there, one of whom is a famous novelist.

6. I love to sleep in late and then stay up late into the night, if at all possible. But the sun rising on an early-morning road trip is pretty special too…

7. When I was a kid, I was completely hooked on coming home from school, pouring the biggest glass in the kitchen full of milk (usually an ex-jelly jar with cartoon characters on it), and eating homemade chocolate-chip cookies until the milk ran out. Wish I could still get away with that, but the hip patrol will have none of it.

Stay tuned for my list of Stylish Blogs!

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