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c. Susan Sorrell Hill

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I have always been fascinated by the inner workings of other people. What are their thoughts, their motivations, their history… their reality? What makes them tick? Perhaps it is only morbid curiosity, but I prefer to think that it is a healthy contemplation of the many ways a person can walk through this adventure called “life in a human body.” What lies beneath the confident facade of the hero, or the wrinkled face of an old woman? Why does one person act this way, while another does something quite different with the same circumstances? Why does the larger flow of events go this way, instead of that way?

Humans have always attempted to understand the patterns behind the mysteries of life. Astrologers, scientists, historians, the makers of oracles, philosophers and religious contemplatives of all persuasions have all attempted to create a system that would explain and predict the inner workings of what is, essentially, unknowable. But we humans, even at our most profound, have only a limited perspective. We are really no closer to understanding the Meaning of Life in this twenty-first century than we were before history began. Through no fault of our own, the inner workings, the larger cause-and-effects and the purposes of it all continue to elude us. Maybe our awareness and intelligence is meant to be used differently?

It is only my personal opinion, but it does seem that the Nature of Reality, the Meaning of Life, and any name one might use to describe ‘God’… will always be an unsolvable Mystery. And perhaps the only reasonable approach to a Mystery is wonder and awe? This mysterious thing which is the pattern behind everything and everyone, has been around a lot longer than humans have. Surely it knows what it is doing…

“Make-Believe” (watercolor, pen and ink, pencil)


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